snow removal

Midwest Snow Management has two specific goals:

Our staff at MSM understands that each of our clients has specific needs. We strive to meet those individual snow, ice, and lawn needs in a prompt and efficient manner.

We understand the importance of meeting your budget requirements. MSM will advise service schedules that will keep you safe and within a reasonable budget.

Snow and Ice Maintenance:

  • Clear snow from parking lots, loading     docks, drive lanes, sidewalks
  • Apply deicers in specified areas
  • Advise service schedule
  • Advise type of deicers

    Lawn Maintenance:

  • Mowing of all green space
  • Fertilizer application
  • Weed control
  • Yard Repair

    Landscape Maintenance:

  • Stone and mulch installation
  • Fertilizer application
  • Weed control
  • Plant maintenance

  • Who is our client?

    Midwest Snow Management is designed to service large or multiple site clients. Shopping malls, factories, multiple site pharmacies, multiple site restaurants, hospitals, utility tower sites

    Regions of Service:

    • MSM primary regions of service include Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan
    • As a service oriented business we understand that meeting the needs of our clients in other regions of the country may be required. We are happy to consider providing service outside of our primary region.

    Why Midwest Snow Management?

    • Principle owners have a combine 50+ years of experience in snow and ice management
    • You work with one contractor
    • MSM allows you to reduce overhead
    • Your managers will have the time to deal with more pressing issues
    • Prompt and professional service that meets your budget!